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Why do my mechanical results files keep getting lost?

    • JEsp

      I have a large project with a number of iterations of a very similar setup, however I get solutions save the file, then duplicate the same setup, including the geometry tab (this is with the purpose to update the geometry on the new setup and not affect the past one), yet when I solve the new setup and save the file, if I attempt to go back to see the results of the old setup their gone.

      Note: Workbench shows the solution cells for the older set ups as "up-to-date", which usually means the results should be available and could be read/seen.

      I've read that this is because the project is not refreshed and if you were to refresh the project the cell state will change to "Update required", yet that is not true in this case I've refreshed my project and the cell state remains unchanged.

      Another thing to note, the way I'm duplicating the setups should mean they're independent of each other so any updates to the new setup shouldn't affect the older setup, perhaps I'm wrong there?

      Attached is the image of the setups.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
      When you duplicate a system, it is by design that it does not copy the rst files as well. If you duplicate a system, rst files are not duplicated to save space in new system.
      Is your old system's result file disappearing?
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    • JEsp
      The old setup .rst file is stil available, yet it's no longer linked to the Mechanical setup. I've tried to pull the file by importing the "Read result file" command, yet it presents a lot of errors and doesn't really import the results to be vieawble.
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