Why do my simulation results not match the nameplate results of my Induction motor?

    • Quincy

      I am trying to create a model for my induction motor and I have taken all the measurements of the machine and the winding configurations but I still do not achieve the expected results on the name plate. I am running the simulation in Wye connection and I will attach a picture of the name plate of the machine I wish to model as well as the machine motorcad Model I have created. I am hoping that there is a calibration of sorts that will allow my model and physical motor to match in results. If anyone has any Ideas please let me know.

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Qiuncy For this induction motor, there is "230/460 Volt" in the nameplate, and it means line to line voltage is 230/460V rms. However, 230V is for the phase voltage in the model. The frequency is a little bit smaller than 60Hz and we want to reach 60Hz for this operation, please use speed/frequency in "operating point definition".
      Do you know and have as-built winding pattern and turn for this motor ? Do you know exact stacking length and slot shapes ? if not, you may have to try many arrangements to achieve phase current and specification of the nameplate.

    • Lillall
      I'm running DPM simulations and would like to use turbulent dispersion ( 16.2.2. Turbulent Dispersion of Particles ). I'm not sure if I need to adjust the time scale constant (C L=0.15) if I'm using a k-omega model. The theory states that epsilon=0.09*k*omega must be substituted in the expression T L C L*k/epsilon, which I do not understand since C L should be universal.

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