Why does fluent become slower when automated and increasingly slower after every design point?

    • alems

      I am doing airfoil analysis and consequently I am changing the angle of attack through parameters (design points DP) in Workbench.

      My simulation becomes extremely slow after a certain number of points. Furthermore I feel like it takes an absurd amount of time in general as I can simply change the parameter in geometry, update mesh and click "run calculation" under setup and this process solves in about 5/10 minutes.

      To give you an idea of how much slower it is: Two days ago after leaving it on for almost 24 hours it managed to solve 6 DP's and after leaving it overnight yesterday it solved a mere 1 DP.

      This does not make sense to me and what do you think is causing this ? The fact that it is already much slower than doing it manually and then the cherry on top is that is seems to get slower for each design point.

      All help is appreciated! I am using an academic version of ANSYS Fluent.

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      To make sure this is model independent, can you try running DPs using a simple 2D geometry and let us know if you see the same behavior?
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