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Why does memory demand increase during solution?

    • Chrishart


      I have a simulation which includes joints, pretension, and various contacts. The simulation runs with 2 load steps, where the first step is program controlled, and the second step has initial substep of 20, max substep of 20, and a minimum substep of 5. The issue is, that the first load step, and the first 2 substeps of the second load step solves, but then my simulation stopped. Reading the solver output the error is:

    • peteroznewman
      Look in the Solution Output for a warning such as this:
      *** WARNING ***
      Pivoting has been activated for the Distributed Sparse Matrix Solver.
      The memory required may greatly exceed the predicted amount.In that
      event, use the DSPOPTION command to change the memory mode and/or
      memory size used by the Distributed Sparse Matrix Solver.
      When the solver needs to do the numerical method called pivoting, it needs more memory. It can do step 1 without needing pivoting, then finds it needs to use that in step 2.
    • Chrishart
      Hello Peter.
      I do not see that error in the log file, or solver output. However, I remember to have seen messages for partial pivoting during similar simulations on another iteration of the problem.
    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Chrishart,

      Does this error pops up for both distributed VS undistibuted solves?


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