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LS Dyna

Why does my simulation time slow down drastically as simulation goes on?

    • Conorryan98

      I'm simulating a hypervelocity impact using SPH. I am using a particle size of 0.1mm with only 3512 SPH particles.

      My end time is 1.0 ms. Up until about 1.00 E-01 ms the simulation runs quite quickly (roughly 1-2hrs), but then slows down drastically and takes a couple of days to reach the end time of 1.0ms. There are very few SPH particles so why is it taking so long?

      I haven't changed any of the timestep options.

      Thanks :)

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee
      the answer is in your question since you are using hypervelocity you end time should be very small in order of -4 or -5 and your safety factor should be 0.7 or 0.5 based on the speed. It is clear that the projectile had already had made its interactors and so the rest of time all the particles are adjusting to the space so this could be an reason for such solver stalling. Adjust the end time and post down the results. Ensure mass scaling.
      Cheers, Ram
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