Why does the velocity in the center of the tank not converge?

    • thaipham0815

      I am told that this should converge, but not told how to fix it nor can I find a solution online. 

      Here is the setup that I used in Ansys. 

      Solver: Transient, Pressure Based

      Number of Time Steps: 6000

      Time Step Size: 0.1

      Max Iterations/Time Steps: 20

      Fluid material: Water-Liquid

      Method: Simple

      Initialization: Hybrid

      Mesh cell size: 0.001m

      Nodes: 280521

      Elements: 279017

      Boundary Conditions: 

      Inlet velocity = 0.0115 m/s

      Wall = No Slip

      Outlet Gauge Pressure = 0 Pa

      Thanks for the help guys!

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee



      Can you extend the run for some more iterations? Also, can you post a snap of the residual plot here? 

      If it didn't work out, try reducing the time step size. Any specific reason for solving it with transient consideration? 




    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Is this 2d? 

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