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Why I couldn’t open MAPDL in workbench?

    • wangwang

      I use Ansys version is R1, and windows 10. I drag the Mechanical APDL module into the workplace, click the icon and choose" Edit in Mechanical APDL" then, there is a error warn, I paste the information below:

       *** FATAL ***                           CP =       1.172   TIME= 02:23:24
       While 1 GPU devices have been detected on this machine, no recommended
       GPU devices have been detected.  Only Tesla-series or Quadro    
       K6000/M6000/P5000/P6000/GP100/GV100 GPU devices are recommended at
       this release.  For optimal performance, install a recommended GPU
       device in this machine.  If you wish to use an alternative GPU device,
       please review the recommendations in the section titled "Requirements
       for the GPU Accelerator in Mechanical APDL" in the Installation Guide
       for your platform.                                              

       The above error is non-recoverable by ANSYS                     
        ANSYS run terminated by the indicated error                    
        Current data base saved if possible.                           

       DATA INPUT WRITTEN ON D:ansystemporary calculating filesWB_LAPTOP-58KJ4JJ6_hp_5220_2unsaved_project_filesdp0APDLANSYSfile.log                                                                                                                                 


      A N S Y S   S T A T I S T I C S

      Release: 2019 R1            Build: 19.3       Update: UP20181204   Platform: WINDOWS x64
      Date Run: 09/07/2019   Time: 02:23     Process ID: 6756
      Operating System: Windows 10  (Build: 17763)

      Processor Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz

      Compiler: Intel(R) FORTRAN Compiler Version 17.0.4  (Build: 20170411)
                Intel(R) C/C++ Compiler Version 17.0.4  (Build: 20170411)
                Intel(R) Math Kernel Library Version 2017.0.3 Product Build 20170413

      Above is the error information, how can I figure it out? Thank you.

    • peteroznewman

      Look at the property window for the Mechanical APDL object. See in the image below that GPU is set to None. What is yours set to?

    • wangwang

      Thank you, it works. Actually, I find your post in previous time for similar problem for other people, I followed it and successes. My past configuration is NVIDIA.

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