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Why is the Q factor value not calculated in eigenmode?

    • srocca

      I have an eigenmode simulation of a resonator. The superconducting metal is modeled as Perfect Conductors and it sits on silicon. HFSS gives me the mode frequencies but no internal Q factor. Is this because my metals are lossless? The loss in this structure should come from the silicon substrate.



    • Anchal Singh
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Srocca,

      I think you are right. Please try again by changing the boundary conditions of metals from PEC to Finite Conductivity. HFSS Help document says that the quality factor depends on resistive losses of the system (search 'Calculating the Quality Factor' in the HFSS Help document) and it looks like there are no resistive losses in your system.

      Hope this will solve your problem.

      Best regards


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