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Why the deformed geometry is extracted in 3D؟

    • HiwaGhaffari

      I have done a 2D transient analysis. Now I want to extract the deformed geometry as an STL file. But when I do this, the geometry is extracted as a thin 3D solid part, not as a 2D one. This problem is also present in the display of results in the mechanical itself (second image).

      Because I want to use this deformed geometry in another 2D analysis in Maxwell 2D, I need it in 2D. How can I extract a 2D face instead of a 3D body?

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee





      It looks like you use 2D plane stress.


      See what the difference is between 2D (plane strain and stress option) and use as needed – so is your part very thin (plane stress) in the screen direction (z-axis) or is it very thick in that z-dir (plane strain).


      Still even if the part (stl) is 3D (perhaps due to plane stress option) take it into SC and use the tools there to convert to 3D solid and then copy the face to get a 2D representation of the part. Or create a XY plane and use extract curves tool (Tool tab) and fill those curves to get a 2D surface of the body.

      There are many videos on how to do that say one is:

      All the best




    • HiwaGhaffari
      Thank you for your reply. It seems that when I want to use plane strain, it is not possible to define rigid components. Is there a solution to this problem?
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