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Why the transmission power is continuously reduced along the structure in FDTD?

    • Altair45
      Good day,
      I'm observing the transmission along one arm consisting of the Waveguides with taper and the SIS Phase shifter.
      From the geometry view, it is a simple SIS structure based on the Si/SiO2/Si and just plane layers.
      However, there is some continuous loss in the simulation among the monitors which are positioned at every point in the xy view.
      Are there any points that I missed in the FDTD simulation?
      Here are an XY view, the cross section, and transmission data.

    • Devika
      Ansys Employee


      Hello, Thanks for using the forum. 

      Can you share a bit more deatails:

      Source used, type of monitor, length and width of device.

      Have you tried material fitting before running simulation?

      Thanks and regards





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