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3D Design

Why the volume of a part are shown differently in Design Modeler(DM) and AnsysMesher(M)?

    • vidyadhar.kpm


      I have created a Body1 in Design Modeler. This Body1 is formed by uniting few other bodies using Boolean operation. Now I can see the volume of this Body1 (Volume=4.9076 mm3) under Part at the bottom of the tree.

      When this geometry is updated on to Mesher, the volume of the Body1 shown under Geometry in Mesher (Volume=4.9087 mm3) is slightly different from that shown in Design Modeler.

      The volume shown in Mesher is slightly on the higher side. 

      Can any one please let me know why this difference is arising? Which one should I take as reference?

      Note: The volume shown in Mesher is the same before and after generating the mesh.


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    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      it is very small difference. you can ignore it. 

      it is mainly because how DM and mesher handles geometry. Both use different geometry kernel in the background. So there can be slight difference at some times. 




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