Why TM still has result when choosing TE mode in interconnect?

    • zhenjiehan


      I can select TE and TM modes at the same time in FDTD, but when I import the .dat file into the icp file at this time, when I select TE in ONA, there are still TM results, but the transmission of TM is very small, is it reasonale?

    • Guanhui Wang
      Ansys Employee
      Hi zhenjiehan
      Thnak you for the post. This is totally reasonable behavior. The TE mode (or "orthorgonal ID" = 1) means ONA excites a TE mode light, then if in the model you defined some corss-talk between TE and TM modes (some TE modes converts to TM modes), then the results measured by ONA will show this effect and it measures all the modes that it can detect.
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