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General Mechanical

Why to add plastic behavior to material? Importance?

    • JL1234

      In Ansys Workbench

      What is the difference between using  1. Linear - elastic material model  and 2. adding plastic behavior to the material by selecting Bi linear isotropic hardening? 


      What impact does it make?

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

       Hi JL1234,

      I would recommend to post your future Mechanical questions under Physics Simulation -> Structural Mechanics  category to get more attention.

      Linear elastic model is the simplest material model, used to describe that the relationship between stress and strain of the material is always linear. It also means that once you release the force, the object will always go back to its original dimension (reversible).

      This, however, is not true in the real world for most (if not all) materials, when undergoes certain force. Hence, we have plasticity models to help capture material behaviors more accurately.

      For more details, I would recommend you to find an intro/basic finite element book. I personally recommend "The finite element method linear static and dynamic finite element analysis" by T.J.R. Hughes. I'm not sure if there is a good open source document talking about basic FE constitutive model, let's wait for others to chime in on this.



    • peteroznewman

      A difference between linear elastic and plastic is described in this post.

      Here is some info from the ANSYS manual.

      Please reply if you have more questions after reading the above posts.


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