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Why use Fluent?

    • ExtrusionStudentTuDortmund

      Hello Ansys Team,
      in my master thesis I am investigating the process parameters of an extruder by means of a CFD simulation with Ansys Fluent. Now I found some programs in the literature research, sometimes free of charge sometimes not, with which one can perform a CFD simulation. These are for example Ansys CFX, Fluent, Openfoam, Star CCM, Polyflow and XimeX. In the literature I did not find much about why one should use Fluent. It is more accurate and easier to use than Openfoam, but compared to other programs I found little. At our chair, the reason is that the service is very good and some people at the chair already know about the program. In the past, CFX was used, but then the service was discontinued, I was told.
      Now I wanted to ask you why of all things Ansys Fluent should be used for a CFD simulation. Since you are behind the product, you might have good reasons for using it.
      Sincerely yours,

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      For extruders I'd consider Polyflow as the materials tend to have a more complex viscosity that requires a slightly different approach.

      More generally, people look for various things in software: price (also value, if a code is slow or very difficult to use the staff/hardware costs go up), interface, accuracy, validation, support, training, development amongst others. You've already noted the accuracy and ease of use of Fluent, add in the level and complexity of the models we can code (being big has it's advantages) and the fact you can use most CAD tools upfront. Fluent (and CFX, which is still widely used) cover all of these. Fluent has a larger user base so as a student I'd suggest learning Fluent as you'll have more opportunities on graduation. 

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