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Wild card support for transfer between stages


    • jensw
      I am using LS-OPT 7.0.
      I would like to copy all d3plot files between stages as I am using LS-Prepost scl scripts. The manual states that wildcard characters are supported, but entering d3plot* in the file transfer dialogue gives me an error (e.g. no files are transferred). I cannot input the actual d3plot file names as the number varies between runs.
      Any ideas where I go wrong?
      Thank you
    • Imtiaz Gandikota
      Ansys Employee

      This is a bug. Wildcard for destination filename doesn't make sense. This has been corrected in revision 111551 (LS-OPT 2022R1). In this version, you can define d3plot* as source filename and simply define "." as destination to copy all d3plot files to lower stage run directories. 

      If you don't have access to new version, please use "run jobs in directory of stage" checkbox in LSPP stage so that LSPP solver jobs are executed directly in LS-DYNA stage. This will not require any file transfer operations.  

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