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Will a running simulation stop if I stop the licence manager?

    • Gerhard Holzinger

      We have a machine running Fluent perfectly fine. Recently, we added a further machine to our computing pool. In order to get the new machine talking to the old one, I want to try to set a static port in the vendor line of the licence file. This is recommended in several online resources, although I haven't found such a recommendation in official Ansys Documentation. If anyone is aware of such a recommendation in official Ansys Docs, please let me know.

      Nonetheless, I would like to give it a try. However, a colleague is running a lengthy simulation using Fluent, and I would like to avoid interfering with his work.

      Can I stop the licence manager, add the static port to the vendor line of the licence file and restart the licence manager all while the simulation of my colleague is running, or will it crash/stop his active Fluent simulation?

    • VJ
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Gerhard,

      If you have strict firewall between the server and workstations, that is when you will be required to fix the vendor port to a static tcp value. Otherwise, it will randomly use a port that is available. It is not recommended to stop the license manager while simulations are running. I'd recommend waiting for the simulation to finish before you do anything with the license server. 

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      To add, in most cases stopping, saving & shutting down then restarting Fluent poses no issues. So if you need to make the change now you can pause the run and resume again later on. I make the point "most" as some monitors or if you're running coupled to something else may not be quite so seamless. 

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