Will W-2155, Gold-5122, P2000 be suitable for Fluent and Multiphysics?

    • h395523899

      In order to control the budget, and use Fluent?Multiphysics?MATLAB together. Can all Quardo Series graphics cards support  GPU operation? 

      I want to buy a Dell (5820/7920) or HP workstation. However, it is not known whether the configured hardware can support Fluent and Multiphysics.

      My two configuration schemes are as follows:

      1. W-2155, P2000, 1T SSD, 2T HDD, 64G RAM

      2. Two Gold-5122, P2000, 1T SSD, 2T HDD, 64G RAM



    • peteroznewman

      The only ANSYS tested GPU cards that accelerate a Fluent Solution are in this table which I have inserted an image below.

      Only two Quadro cards have been tested with Fluent, and only one with Windows, the K5000.  I don't know if the P2000 will work as a GPU Fluent accelerator.

      The Quadro P2000 has been tested as a Display accelerator according to this table.

      One user reported having a problem using the P4000 as a GPU in this discussion.

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