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Wind tunnel contraction – turbulence intensity fluctuations

    • Dasun_Jay


      I am fairly new to using Ansys fluent and currently trying to simulate the flow inside a subsonic low speed wind tunnel contraction. I have created the 3D model using Solidworks and used a hexahedral mesh with edge sizing done to create a finer resolution near the boundary. I used a SST K-w model and specified the velocity of the velocity inlet and pressure of the pressure outlet. I specified the turbulence intensity of the inlet to be 1%.

      However, the result from the simulation generates a relatively high turbulence intensity at the contraction outlet. About 20% to 30%. And I tried to recreate a research paper finding and ran to the same problem of high turbulence intensity.

      I have attached the results I obtained in my simulation.

      Can anyone shed any light on this matter ?

      Thanks in advance

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      You're accelerating flow into a square duct so turbulence is likely to increase. Think on the definition of Reynolds Number. n
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