Windkessel models extension for Fluent (17.x Release)

    • lauren.johnston


      I am trying to add the WKM extension to my version of Fluent (17.1 on Windows) (extension here: https://catalog.ansys.com/product/5b3bc6857a2f9a5c90d32ee8/windkessel) but I am having issues.

      My extension is successfully downloaded and loaded through the Ansys workbench ACT extension manager but the extension does not appear in my case tree and when I type "/define/windkessel" into my command window I get the result "invalid command [windkessel]". 

      I have followed the tutorial steps so cannot see where I may have gone wrong. Any advice please? 

      Thanks, Lauren 🙂


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you're still using Fluent 17 you really need to be updating. Whilst we're not able to support the ACTs fully, the section of text you want to re-read is:

       "boundary conditions using Fluent [Contains source code]"

      You may find the scheme GUI calls have changed so some work may be required. 

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