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Wire Rope Deflection – Different values from theoretical results

    • pazolini96


      I have calculated theoretically the deflection of a wire rope made of galvanised steel, for the following configuration:

      • Construction core: 7x7

      • Diameter: 8 mm

      • Lenght: 10 meters

      My theoretical deflection results are far different from my FEA model results.

      Idea: Validate my theoretical calcs with an FEA model of the wire rope. I modeled a 7x7 wire rope in Solidworks which has 8.5 mm diameter and is 10 meters long. Then, I imported that to Ansys and ran the "Check Geometry" feature, no problems so far. The material used is structural steel and I let the software run the mesh automatically not changing at this stage the configurations of it. Finally, my setup comprises a remote force acting as a point of load (2000 kg) and two forces acting away on each end at every wire face, simulating tension on the cable (300 kgf each). Also, I have assumed fixed supports for each side, again, applied to the wire faces. 

      Results: around 2.7 mm deflection which is too small for a 2000 kg load right on the middle (worst case scenario)

      Question: Am I missing something? Is this problem being too much simplified? I am suspecting that the supports shouldn't be fixed or applied on the same face of the tensions... I was wondering if anyone in the forum could shed some light on or give advice for it. Any information is appreciated. Thanks



      Point of Load

      Material Assigned

      Fixed Supports

      Tension as Axial Force Away from Cable

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