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Wood Tower- where to begin and some basic questions

    • jmillie

      Hi, I can't find the exact answer I'm looking for through google or my ANSYS tutorial work book.

      I need to model a wood tower in ANSYS mechanical APDL. This tower has a wood "plate" on both the top and bottom, then vertical wood "beams" connecting the two plates. The plates, for visualization purposes, are 5 units wide, 5 units long (square), 1 unit thick, and have a 3 inch diameter circle cut out of it. SO basically a square with a hole cut out of it. 

      In the tutorial workbook we made plates with holes cut out of them using "create> area>rectangle", then subtracting a circle.


      Could I use this similar method to combine my beams and plates in one model? technically they are connected together with nails in the real model.

    • peteroznewman

      I use Workbench and SpaceClaim to build models like the one you describe above. 

      Do you mean you must build the model using Mechanical APDL and not Workbench and SpaceClaim?

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