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General Mechanical

Workbench Acoustics Analysis – basic information about barriers/walls

    • ciema

      Dear collleagues, I need guidance about acoustic analysis performed in ANSYS Workbench, I need to know few points:

      1) how Workbench solver calculates energy dissipation in walls/barriers in acoustic analysis  (what are the equations)?

      For example if I have my exterior elastic domain (air) outside the hall and interior domain (air) and mass source in this hall, which way can I control the energy of refraction and reflection of sound wave when it heats the floor, the walls and ceiling of hall?

      How to define properties for walls / barriers (aborption abillity/accoustic resistance)? Should I do it in Engineering Data or maybe in Mechanical application ?

      2) which way can I evaluate absorption coefficient ? Should I create port ? In which faces ?


      Thanks for each advice. 


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