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Workbench does not open

    • andrefpitt

      Hi everyone,

      I was using workbench 2022 R1 as normal when an error during calculating one of the models made the software crash.

      I have tried restarting the computer, ending the task in the task manager and also reinstalling the software entirely to eliminate any ongoing process that is stopping the software to open.

      See the program trying to open "Unsaved Project". The full window of the workbench doesn't maximise, it stays there minimised.

      Any ideas? Thank you for the help

    • andrefpitt

      Hi all,

      It decided to open, I left "running" in the background and in the next day the workbench was open. Unfortunately, it seems that is not running properly and always initialising with the "Unsaved Project" written, but I'm able to use it now.

      Thank you

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      You can always reset the preferences manually by going to"

      and renaming the v221 directory to v221.old

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