Workbench error loading container setup 33: saved data is incomplete missing version

    • Saad Mughal


      I have a workbench project with more than 36 individual simulations simulating forced convection around a heatsink at different air flow rates, heating powers and turbulence models.

      this morning I needed to re-run one of the simulations because it was outputting unrealistic values in post processing. so I set it off running and it converged on first order schemes after which I set it off running on second order schemes. (this has been normal practise for me for all the simulations). it crashed giving me an error (mentioned in the title). now none of my simulations will open. I need help urgently to know how to rollback to a previous save or something like that. I need to extract data and complete post processing of the other simulations too but I can't access any of them. workbench / fluent keeps throwing this error message along with a couple of others.

      error messages as follows

      -error loading container setup 33: saved data is incomplete, missing version

      -internal error starting drag

      -unexpected error while refreshing view project schematic. object reference not set to an instance of an object

      I have a report deadline by sunday, so any help today would be appreciated

    • peteroznewman

      Here is my understanding from using ANSYS for Structural projects. I think it works the same for Fluent.

      ANSYS does not automatically save previous versions of a Project. When you open a Project, edit it, solve it, there is a backup of the original file until you Save Project. Then that backup is gone. If you haven't saved the project, you can close ANSYS without saving and the Project is unchanged from what was read off the storage media.

      As I build Projects, I will Save As to a new filename, generally with some date in the name. If I save an edit, then later realize I made a mistake, I have an older version of the project that has a filename that shows the date of the older version. I hope you are using a similar workflow during your development of a project.

    • raul.raghav

      Saad, sorry to hear that your WB crashed. Can you open the workbench folder and verify if it has all the simulation files? Refer to the following image:

    • Saad Mughal


      Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to reply. I was only notified today about your replies hence my late reply.


      Fluent would ask me to save the project before initialising the solution. So I would save it every time I did a new simulation but I would save it to the same workbench project file. My project still had all the simulation files. So what I did is open a new blank project, loaded fluent and then imported one of the case files from the corrupted project. (filename starting with fff) I then had the setup I needed and re ran the most necessary simulations (6 in total) and submitted my dissertation on time. I was very nearly late with my submission and had to interpret some of the data as I was writing it up but hopefully it will be good enough


      Thanks again for trying to help. 

    • Montassar
      For Corrupt ANSYS Mechanical Databasennnn
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