Workbench files deleted

    • gindi

      Hello Everyone,

      I had a simulation project saved on my desktop that I had been working on for a month now. The project was made using fluent within workbench. The last time I opened and saved the project was yesterday. However, today when I tried to open it I recieved an error message that the "design point" file is missing. Upon reviewing the project folder I found that all folders are missing except for the "user_files" folder and the ".wbpj" file!!

      I checked the recylce pin for deleted files but nothing was there.

      Anu Idea about why this happened and if there is a way to restore the files back?

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Looks like your files are deleted. Please check with yout system department why files are deleted. Unfortunately you will have to recrated those file. 



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