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Workbench/Fluent DPI scaling issues on 4k screen

    • JollyRoger

      I have just installed ANSYS on my laptop which has a 4K screen. When I opened Workbench after installing, everything was extremely small, so I put an override on the high DPI scaling through the compatibility tab. This made everything bigger and readable, albeit a bit blurry. However when I go into a meshing screen, or any windows that have a model viewer section (such as Fluent), everything is all over the place. 

      I have changed the application properties for Fluent and Workbench now several times and tried all different combinations of DPI scaling, however I am starting to think this is more a problem with ANSYS than anything, as all my other programs work fine with the 4K screen. The laptop was ISV certified to work with ANSYS, so I don't know how this got through. 

      My question is, how do others use ANSYS on 4K screens?



    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi JollyRoger ,

      Have you tried changing the "Scaling performed by" option to "System(Enhanced)" instead of application , as indicated by AnirudhMS  from this post

      Once, that is done, open up Windows File Explorer and go to


      %AppData%    (please copy and paste this in the Windows Explorer address bar)

      then rename the folder ANSYS to anything else, such as ANSYS.old

      Does this make any differences ?

      Thank you,



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