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Workbench Job script on HPC

    • s_safiza


      I am trying to write a job script to submit my simulation on our university's cluster. We don't have an RSM license so we should generate our own job script and submit it on a Linux system. My simulation is on Workbench and the job script that I have generated is below:

      The problem I have is that I am requesting more than 8 cores from the cluster but Ansys only uses 2 cores! I need to add a command to ask Workbench to use the requested cores and memory from the cluster. I know for Ansys mechanical the command is "-np" but for Workbench, it is not defined. I would appreciate it if anyone knows what command should I add to use the requested resources from the cluster.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee





      First of all try to get RSM as this is the easiest way – talk to your University , but I do not think there is not a licence (RSM), and a cost for that as far as I know

      Not that straight forward. You need to supply a script (.py) in the batch line using the -R argument:


      runwb2 -B -F “D:\\OTHER\\sunbatch\\test.wbpj” -R ” D:\\OTHER\\sunbatch\\”


      The can include the settings as :




      config2 = ExtAPI.Application.SolveConfigurations["My Computer, Background"]
      x = config2.Default
      y = config2.Settings.License
      z = config2.SolveProcessSettings.ManualSolverMemorySettings.Workspace
      config2.SolveProcessSettings.ManualLinuxSettings.UserName = "jane.doe"
      config2.SolveProcessSettings.MaxNumberOfCores = 12

      See here for more info:

      All the best
    • s_safiza




      Thank you for replying. Honestly, I tried to make a .py file including the script as it was mentioned in Ansys help as the link you sent me. But still, the analysis is done with only 2 cores. I included the screenshots below.



      Would you please let me know if you have any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

      Kind regards,



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