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Workbench Mechanical – APDL command – matID

    • Reza Taheri

      Hi fellas,

      I have several material defined in Engineering Data. In workbench Mechanical, how can I assign material to parts using APDL commands instead of choosing from the material section? I assume I have to insert a command under the geometry and use matID, but don't know how to write the command. Any help is appriciated :)


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      The commands to look at are, MP, etc.

      So to define material properties needed for structural analysis we need at least the three commands, that can be added in a command snippet under a part:

      MP,EX,MATID,200E9          ! Define Elasticity Modulus


      MP,NUXY,MATID,0.3           ! Define Poisson’s ratio     

      MP,DENS,MATID,7800       ! Density

      All the best




      • Reza Taheri

        Thanks Erik. Is there a way to only link the part with the material definition in Engineering Data rather than defining individual properties? As in like assign 'material 2' definition to 'geometry 1' using commands?

    • Rohan Sharma

      Hey there,

      To assign materials to parts in Workbench Mechanical using APDL commands, you can indeed use the MATID command under the geometry. Here's an example command:

      ! Assuming your material ID is 1 and part number is 2
      MP, EX, 1, 2, Youngs_Modulus, Poissons_Ratio

      Replace Youngs_Modulus and Poissons_Ratio with the appropriate numerical values for your material. This command sets the material properties (Young's Modulus and Poisson's Ratio) for material ID 1 assigned to part 2.

      Remember to replace the placeholder values with your specific material properties and devops course part numbers.

      Hope this helps!

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