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Workbench Not Recognizing All SYS Folders

    • Joshua Smith

      Not sure this belongs in this forum, but I am having trouble with getting ANSYS Workbench to recognize modules I previously completed in this project. I created five Static Structural systems solving different geometries with applied loads.

      Then I was hit with the dreaded low laptop battery, rushed to find the cord, but it was too late. After charging and rebooting my computer, now when I open the Workbench file, it only has three of systems. I can view the project folder and see the Spaceclaim geometries, results files, etc. of all five systems. However, the Workbench project only shows three systems. How do I get it to recognize the other two?

      I see modules A, B, and C. When I use the file viewer in Workbench, it treats SYS-3 and SYS-4 as "Global" files. Additionally, the geometry, engineering data, etc. is not associated with any module. How do I get it to recognize these files?

      Any help is appreciated!

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      This could be due to the corruption of the project. Make a copy of the project and try to export the systems individually using black triangle in top left corner:

      And see if that helps.

      You can also google for "Corrupt ANSYS Mechanical Database? You Might Be Able to Recover" to try and attempt the recovery of the project.


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