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    • joepa_2017

      I have been working in APDL for the last few months and am making the switch over to Workbench to access some of the added features. However, I have not found ways to have as much control over postprocessing and have a few questions.

      1. Is it possible to view strain in an axial direction. I see that principal strains and and Von Mises strain can be selected, but is it possible to simply view the strain in the x-direction as in APDL?

      2. Is it possible to view the results at each load step separately? For example, in APDL, one inputs set,2 to do the postprocessing for the second load step. Is there also a way to do this in Workbench?

      3. Is it possible to save results to a file (I don't know how to do this in APDL either)? I would like to be able to view results/do postprocessing without running an entire simulation over again since it takes so long. So, is there a way to run a simulation, save the results, and then postprocess the results another time?


    • peteroznewman

      Joe, yes, yes and yes!

      1. Add Normal Strain and you pick the axial direction.

      2. In the details for each result is a Time field, so you can make one result for Time = 1 and another result for Time = 2.

      3. After the solution, save the Workbench Project and can quit ANSYS if you want. Later, you can open Workbench, open the Project, open Mechanical and request new results to plot without requiring the Solve to be done again.  There is also Export on individual results if you need data outside ANSYS for some additional processing in matlab or some other program.


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