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Workbench – Static Structural: How to use Arc Length Method

    • Luca962

      Hi, I'm simulating the collapse of an hollow prothesis subject to a force using a command that kills elements that reach a given plastic deformation.

      Problem is that as soon as the first elements are killed Ansys fails to converge because the structure is close to surpassing the maximum load and an equilibrium state can't be found.

      I've read that instead the arc length method is capable of following a parabolic Force-Displacement curve and I would like to give it a try. Problem is that I can't find anywhere how to use it.

      I've already tried to use a displacement intead of a force but but I am not satisfied with the results.


    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee
      the Arc Length method is not yet supported via the UI in WB Mechanical. Please see the following Ansys Innovation Course - its homework #2 has an buckling example that uses several methods to solve, including arc length:
      The homework also uses the Stabilization to address the post-collapse behavior; you could try that. It is implemented in the Analysis Settings.

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