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Workflow for Thermal Topology Optimisation for additive manufacturing process?

    • deld

      I'm interested in performing a Thermal Topology Optimisation with respect to the LPBF additive manufacturing process. Specifically, I'm interested in managing/optimising the development of thermal stresses during the build process (rather than, for example, the in-service heat flow of the final part). 

      In the Help guides, I was able to find a section titled Using Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing. However, it seems to me that the guide is aimed towards optimising the topology with respect to the structural boundaries/conditions of the final part (i.e., loads or heat flow in the final part). 

      For the above simulation, the workflow suggested is shown below:

      I'm unsure how to approach the required workflow for optimisation of the AM process. How would I change this workflow to instead focus on thermal stresses during the AM process? Does the below workflow seem an appropriate starting point? 

      1. Transient thermal analysis (AM process) > structural analysis > topology optimisation model > structural analysis > transient thermal analysis (AM process) > structural analysis
    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      You can feed a thermal system result into the Structural Optimizer and Optimize on a Thermal Compliance.  This result should be able to feed into an AM workflow.  Give it a try.

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