Working of premixed combustion model

    • raghava


          I was going through the ANSYS tutorials for Premixed , Non-premixed and Partially premixed combustion. I saw that ANSYS solves the transport equation of "c" reaction progress variable and along with turbulent flame speeds.

      My query is after solving the transport equation with the values of density, temperature supplied by their respective methods, how does ANSYS couples Fluid dynamics and Combustion?

      Is it similar to FGM where a manifold is created by using the reaction progress variable then the values are supplied to the energy equation ? or

      Does Fluent tracks the flame front in physical space and then models the combustion in the respective region?

      Sorry if its very fundamental.

      Thanks and regards,


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      We can't comment on the models beyond what's in the manual. Assuming you're using R19.x click on "Help" and check the Theory Guide sections on the premixed model.

    • seeta gunti
      Ansys Employee

      In premixed combustion. mean reaction progress variable will be solved through the governing equation. In which, we have reaction progress source term will be there in the right hand side . This term is a function of density and turbulent flame speed. This will couple the energy and turbulence.

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