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Discovery Import

Working with a complex faceted model.

    • scottr

      I have a client who sent me an STL file that was originally created in Z-Brush. My customer needs me to modify the model to his specifications, then 3D print the resulting model. I tried working with the native facets, but that did not work, then I converted the model to a solid, and again, there are so many facets it makes doing anything virtually impossible.  I'm under an NDA so revealing too much of this model is not possible, but I will show one of the screenshots.

      If there are tools within SpaceClaim that would allow me to modify, add and remove areas of this model, I need to learn more about them.


      Scott Regenbogen
    • Devendra Badgujar
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Scottr16

      Please go through this SpaceClaim tutorials on Discovery SpaceClaim: 3D Printing Prep & STL/Facet Editing - SpaceClaim Tutorials - Ansys Discovery Forum  and see if these helps.

      Let me know if any further assistance is needed.


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