Working with virtual photometric lab

    • Xime54

      Hello everyone, 

      I am currently working with the "virtual photometric lab". 


      1) I get an energetic illumination that I want to convert into an exposure: I have to multiply each pixel of the map by a scalar (typically a time in seconds). Is this possible and how to do it?

      2) I want to compare this exposure to a reference exposure: use the "map comparison" or "map calculation" tools. How to create a map that corresponds to my reference exposure? 

      In general, where can I find tutorials on how to use this tool?

      Thanks to you.


    • Fasehur Mohammed


      1. there's two ways to do this-
        1. use the rules in the measurement window- Operators and Functions for Global Rules (ansys.com)
        2. export a line of pixels to a excel sheet and then apply formula there. for this you can select a shape use 2d view section and then export as txt.


      2. Im not familiar how to do this. if its two maps then you can use map calc as a comparison. I will ask a colleague to respond on that. 

      BY pressing f1 under the viewers selection in SPEOS will get you to the use guide for the Photometric lab


      Please contact me if you have any further questions. 

    • Xime54

      Dear Mohammed, 

      Thank you for your feedback, I will look further into the sbject.


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