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    • ciema

      Hello i need to find document that explains better than help Available Solution Quantities, that are displayed in Worksheet.

    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee
      See if this helps: User Defined Results for the Mechanical APDL Solver (
      From help section:
      Element-based user defined results can exist at the nodes (like stress and strain) or can exist at the centroid (like volume)
      Node-based user defined results are most often associated with degree of freedom solutions (like nodal reactions)
    • ciema
      Thank you gnagapp.
      I cannot find there only one thing. What is the difference between UX and UALLX , UY and UALLY , USUM and UALLSUM ?
      I know what is the definition of UX but how about UALLX and this kind of results? They are presented on the end of Available Solution Quantities table.

    • MickMack
      Hi Ciema The differences relate to the quantification of the component as shown in the snippet.

      The answers will be in the ansys help. For example for contour results they may come in three types as nodal, elemental or elemental nodal. They then have various styles as shown below, i have also attached the link to this page.
      There are separate results depending on what elements have been used in your model. If you are using BEAM188 refer to this in the help section and you get a list of element outputs.
      Similar if you are using a COMBIN39 element you can use the expressions provided in the table below to create your own User Defined Results.

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