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Worksheet: Result Summary – Not all results showing up

    • Ryan Jenkins


      I am trying to export results from my workbench/mechanical project by going to the Result Summary Worksheet and then exporting to a text file like I've done in the past but when I add new probes to my solution they are not showing up in the summary worksheet or the exported text file.

      The project I am working on was pulled up from 19.2 into 2022 R2.

      I've check the user guide and the results I am trying to export (joint probe - friction moment) should be acceptable. 

      I would really appreciate any help with resolving this as it would save from manually transcribing all of my result to Excel. 


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      So are you not able to see newly added results or some specific result?


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    • Ryan Jenkins

      When I add new joint probes to my solution they only appear in the result summary if they are scoped to a result type other than Friction Moment.

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