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Workstation/ corre count increase solve Eta

    • Patrick Straker

      I am using explicit Dynamics tools on a Workstaton / Remote connection. I am trying to solve a Problem with just 54k nodes. in the Taskmanger it says that this pc uses 2 Sockets and have 72 virtuelle processors. so i thoght wehen i increase the used cores in Ansys it would lower the solving time but it seems like the solving eta increases with more than 4 cores. do i have to use a special license for more? how do i check which license are used on this maschiene?


    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee

      Patrick, are you using the Student version of the full version? Have you tried running with more than 4 cores, and if so does it encounter any error messages? If no errors about licenses above 4 cores, then it is not related to licensing. It is possible the model is small enough that it's not efficient beyond a certain number of cores.

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