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General Mechanical

我在处理杆单元给他施加预应力时,想沿杆的轴线方向施加。选择单元坐标系说是可以从i节点到j节点施加,但我看应力云图,最大位置在整体坐标系x处,施加到了整体坐标上了好像,怎么施加到单元坐标系上啊 I

    • yafengliu


      I am applying prestress along the axis of the link180 by using inistate command. The element coordinate system says that INISTATE can apply prestress from node I to node j, but I look at the stress cloud. the maximum position of the stress cloud is at the global coordinate system x. i think i had applied to the global coordinate system possiably, how do i apply it to the global coordinate system?

      inistate,set,csys,-2  !Isn't that assigning to the unit coordinate system?


    • April Wang
      Ansys Employee


      The commands look correct to me. Could you try to apply the load on another link180 element to see if it make any difference?

      Inistate 看上去用的是对的,你尝试换一个element id试一下,看结果是否改变,来判断是不是加在整体坐标上了


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