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General Mechanical

Write input file in Mechanical 2019 R3

    • KoenFranse


      I'm trying to export an input file from Mechanical (version 2019 R3) to run FSI simulations on a server. I read on various other pages that I should be able to do this in Mechanical from selecting Tools->Write Input File, however I cannot find this in Mechanical 2019.3. This is what my tools toolbar looks like:

      Is the 'write input file' moved to another location in Mechanical 2019.3 maybe?

      Thanks in advance

    • KoenFranse

      By the way, I opened Mechanical from Workbench - Transient Structural - Setup

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      First, click on solution branch of the tree:

      And then:

    • congmin

      hi Aniket


      I have also new question about Steady state thermal,can you this link see and answer it

      thank you


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