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write input file

    • kaitova

      Hi, I can not write and input file in ls dyna for some reason.

      Tried to clear generated data, still doesn't help. 

      Please advise if you know how to fix it.

      Photo is before clear generated data.

      Thank you.

    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee


      You can first click on the "Workbench (LSDYNA) (D3)", then go to the "LSDYNA Pre" tab, there is another "write input file" button. 

      Alternatively, you can right-click on your solution (D4), --> open solver files directory", there you can also find your input.k.




    • kaitova

      Thank you Wenlong,

      I actually forgot about this button, it helped!

      I have an issue with evaluating results of the ls dyna dropped object model. When I open it in LS Pre/Post, it doesn't show composite failure for each layer. However, all other results are good. I should create another thread for that. 

      Best regards, Kamilla


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