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    • Gonzalo Olarte

      Hello, I am analysing the movement of a planar spiral spring and I have encountered a problem no one knows how to solve.

      I have a total of 5 steps in my simulation in the Transient Structural modulus. In the end of step 3 I get to a position of a rotation of 210º, the next two steps do nothing. Once I have that solved, I restart my simulation from the end of step 3 with this changes:

      • Add one more step so the total is 6 steps.
      • Make step 4 go from 210º to 211º.
      • Make step 5 go from 211º to 209º.
      • Make step 6 go from 209º to 211º.

      The maximum time step established is 1e-2 for all the steps.

      The problem is when  the simulation finishes and it has to write the Results File. It never ends, I have let it work for more than 10 hours and I doesn´t finish. I don´t know what to do. 

      Simulation without the restart point isnt contempled as it could last 16 hours.

    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee


      Hi Gonzalo
      Examine the Solution Information solve.out file.
      Does the MAPDL solve complete? 
      Paste the last 50 lines in your reply. 


    • Gonzalo Olarte

      Hello, thanks for answering so fast.

      I have just managed to solve it.

      I think the problem was that I lost connection with the licence for a period of time during the simulation of the project, so, when it connected back, the simulation was bugged and didnt use the SSD for writing the Results but there was no message about it. However, I have opened another project, done the restart where I wanted with the steps I needed, and everything has worked out and the SSD has been operating at it max potential for writting the results.


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