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3D Design

Written: “you cannot save or export” version student Ansys R19.0

    • Ste_Cuc


      I need to make a CFD for two different impeller version of pump.

      I following the tutorial of Raef Kobeissi (CFD Tutorial - Centrifugal pump simulation | Fluent ANSYS), but I find the following problems:

      1) when I select "import the external geometry", it exits the windows with the written: " you have exceeded the allowable geometry limits for ANSYS Academic. You cannot Save or Export. See Help for more information."

      2) after give the OK, my parts are 5 :impeller, volute, impeller zone and two Surface body (this two don't exit in the tutorial)

      3) when I creat th second Boolean and generate, my ceck is yellow and not green. why?

      4) when I came back in the Workbeach file and try to create the Edit Mesh exit another windows with the written: unable to open file.

      please can you help me?



    • peteroznewman


      I don't know where you got that geometry, but the file I downloaded from Raef's website has only 94 faces.

      The geometry you downloaded has more than 300 faces, which exceeds the limits for the free Student license.

      Try again with the geometry I linked to above.




    • Ste_Cuc

      Hi Peter,

      thanks, I'm trying with your file, but when I do an edit mesh, in my table does not come out a sub-folder in mesh (body sizing), and not even leaves the folder under "Named Selection":

      in the tutorial:

      then I must also try to run the program with my drawings, simplified than the previous, to compare the two different impellers, do you think I can find other difficulties?



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