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Wrong lift coefficient for NACA0035 ANSYS Fluent

    • sahajthapa

      Hello everyone,

      I am performing a 2-D simulating flow over NACA 0035 with AoA ranging from 0 to 15 degrees with k-wSST turbulence model and Re=0.139e6. The main problem occurs during computation of lift coefficient. For increasing AoA, the lift coefficient merely increases with the max lift of 0.03, however I am getting correct values for drag coefficient. I am comparing the results with XFOIL. At 6 degrees AOA, XFOIL gives CL of 0.33 however i am getting -0..03. Flow separation occur at 10 degrees AoA.

      I rechecked the reference values and the vectors for velocity (cos(), sin()) and lift coefficient (-sin() , cos () ) but cannot find any problem at all.

      For your reference,

      Turbulence Model: k-w SST

      Pressure-Velocity Coupling: SIMPLE

      Reference Values:

      Area+ 0.1016 m

      Depth= 1 m (2-D)

      Length = 0.1016 m (chord length)

      y+ is ensured below 0.8. Number of elements: 23200, C-shaped domain for inlet.

      Thank you for your time!!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      How well resolved is the streamwise mesh and mesh in the wake region?
    • sahajthapa
      Mesh is well resolved with minimum orthogonality of 0.9 and quality close to 1. I have attached the image for the mesh.

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