WSS vs Angle plot

    • ashwin11

      Dear All

      I tried creating a plot of Wall Shear Stress vs Angle but I could not make it work. I have tried the following on CFD-POST.

      1) My global XYZ origin is out of the model and my model is parallel to Z axis. Firstly I created an iso-surface along the z axis location by providing the z value which created a plane.Further I have created a polyline(which is based on vertex sampling) using iso-surface as the intersection. I also created a Polyline created by an intersection of wall and Plane at the Z axis location needed. Later I plotted the WSS along the curve length of polyline. But I got WSS profiles with different starting points for both methods. (The profile is same but values are somehow rearranged)

      2) I also exported the point cloud XY location data (w.r.t global co-ordinates) and I am not sure how to convert it to WSS vs Angle plot. I tried the following suggestion but still I am not sure.


      I would really appreciate some help in this regard.



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