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General Mechanical

XFEM crack growth in bi-material model

    • theodoreyang

      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to realise the crack growth simulation in bimaterial model by xfem (phantom node method, maximum circumferential stress criterion).

      However, it seems difficult to apply two fracture criteria separately on MAT 1 and MAT 2 by





      Because each time in /SOLU, we can only choose one fracture criterion in CGROW, and cannot capture the crack tip position directly during the solution period. It means that we cannot apply (IF ELSE) command to choose the criterion either.

      Is it possible to overcome this limitations in ANSYS APDL?



      CGROW, NEW, 1
      CGROW, CID, 1
      CGROW, METHOD, XFEM ! Uses XFEM method for the crack propagation
      CGROW, FCOPTION, MTAB, 2 ! Fracture criterion


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