• Naiara


      I am trying to plot in FLUENT experimental data with model data and I am having problems to define the correct label name and axis units.

      I was able to obtain the attached both XY plots but neither of them is what I was lookin for.

      In the first one, X axis units are right (mm) but I would like to change thw title of the legend to z=3mm and I am not able to do it. When I write the plot, I am able to change this issu and them import a file a draw XY file but X axix units are m and I am not able to change to mm.

      Any help?

      Thank you.

    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      After plotting both Exp and Model graph (image 1), write the file (.XY).

      reopen same .XY file from Plots > File. You will see following menu. Load the file and change all legend names in your required format. 




    • ansysuser2020

      can you write how to export XYplot from Text User Interface ?


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