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    • ashiadarsh

      What is the desirable value for Y+ plus for k-w SST turbulence model?I observed my numerical solution is matching with expt values for Y+ value close to 300

    • raul.raghav

      Ansys Fluent implements an automatic enhanced wall function for k-w models which is capable of handling of handling: (i) fine near wall mesh, Yplus<5 and (ii) coarse near wall mesh, 30.

      Note: When the viscous sub-layer needs to be captured in cases like transitional flow, separation, heat transfer, frictional drag prediction etc., the first cell has to be located within the viscous sub-layer and the y+ should be less than 1 (valid: y+ < 1).

      If you want more information regarding the y+ values and different near wall treatments, please refer:


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

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