Polarization Incoherence

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On this page, polarization incoherence and methods to simulate it are discussed.



  • FDTD
  • VarFDTD

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Problems with direct simulation

In a similar manner to temporal phase incoherence, the polarization of a beam or the orientation of a dipole source depends on time. In the case of an unpolarized beam we have

where the unit vector u(t) defines the beam polarization and varies on a time scale τc >> T.

In the case of a dipole source, we have

In both cases, the time scale for the variation of the polarization is much larger than the optical cycle, making it unpractical to simulate the statistics of temporal polarization incoherence with FDTD.

Recommended simulation method

FDTD simulations have well defined polarization. For a beam, unpolarized results are obtained by adding the results of 2 orthogonal polarization simulations incoherently using the equation

The derivation of this equation can be found on the Unpolarized beam page.

In the case of a dipole, the results of the three orthogonal polarizations can be added incoherently using the equation

Polarization incoherence examples

For an examples on simulating polarization incoherence, see Unpolarized beam 49 and Incoherent unpolarized dipole 23.

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