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I want to run the micro-LED example and I am following the steps given in the Lumerical support page, but apparently there is an error in the first script file:

Error: ~/STACK_micro_LED.lsf line 52: in stackpurcell: argument 5 must be one of matrix

Error: ~/STACK_micro_LED.lsf line 52: the argument list for the stackpurcell command is incorrect - expect 4 to 6 arguments, types matrix,vector,vector,vector,[vector,int]

Although being new to Lumerical, I see the error seems a syntax problem but I don't see there is one and what I can actually do to fix it. Could you help? For reference the Line 52 is


and it seems to me that the arguments are the type as per the error above.

Many thanks!

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  • trobertstroberts Posts: 61Ansys Employee
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    Hello Riccardo,

    What version of lumerical are you using? I ran the MicroLED files without issue in 2021R1.2. What is likely happening is the the input format for the orientation argument has changed. I would update to the most recent version of the software or change or orientation from "rand" to 0, and instead of a cell array pass this as a vector, which is how unpolarized dipoles used to be passed.

    orientation = [0];

    See stackpurcell.



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